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About FreightSpeed

FreightSpeed delivers twice daily to pharmacies, hospitals & clinics throughout Ireland (upward of 20,000 individual consignments per day). Due to the nature of the product we deliver (medicines) all of our deliveries are time-sensitive. We deliver on time every time and have built our reputation on this merit. All our team are employed directly by FreightSpeed as we do not outsource and they all go through a rigorous training procedure consisting of GDP training, ADR, cold chain, manual handling, cytotoxic drugs awareness and extensive route training.

FreightSpeed has over thirty years experience in the transportation of pharmaceutical products throughout Ireland, delivering on behalf of the HSE, United Drug PLC, BBraun and numerous pharmaceutical companies. We operate an extensive fleet of vehicles ranging from vans to rigid and articulated trucks. A large part of our fleet is temperature-controlled and all of these vehicles are mapped and validated in accordance with HPRA standards and include live-temperature tracking technology.

Compliance & Sustainability

FreightSpeed adhere to the highest quality assurance and compliance standards in Ireland.

FreightSpeed’s service is delivered by adhering strictly to our Quality Management System procedures and protocols. We have developed and implemented a QMS that has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide a service that meets customer and regulatory requirements. This also ensures we address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformity.
We adhere to a strict process when dealing with change control. From the initial change request being raised right through the assessment, analysis, implementation and final closure of the change. All of which is fully documented and signed off on each stage of the change control by senior management with full client agreement and transparency.
FreightSpeed is subject to external annual audits conducted to the standards of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) through our existing customer base. The scope of the audit includes GDP training, customer care, ADR, cold chain training: all critical elements of our Quality Management Systems.

We are regularly audited by the HPRA and we are fully GDP compliant & certified. We have an in-house trained Responsible Person to oversee and manage our Quality & Compliance within the pharmaceutical sector.

All our vehicles are geo-tracked using an Irish telematics system – Transpoco. The platform allows FreightSpeed to actively (and in real-time) manage the status of each fleet vehicle, ensuring all vehicles are fully compliant with road transport legislation. It also offers FreightSpeed several additional features such as generating journey and shift reports, optimising routes as well as driving style alerts such as harsh acceleration/braking and fuel consumption reports.

We utilise a system called Samsara to ensure we have live online monitoring of internal vehicle temperature, humidity, and location of all our fleet. Additionally, all vehicles are fitted with dual-facing cameras and vehicle maintenance is performed by FreightSpeed’s own in-house garage with details of each vehicle being kept on a central database.

FreightSpeed has continuously strived to be market-leaders in sustainability by providing transport solutions for our customers with a strong focus on reducing our carbon footprint. We are multi-award winners in this field, winning the Green Transport Award and the Institute of Transport and Logistics Green Matters Award.

With the recent introduction of fueling all our vehicles with HVO Biodiesel and this innovation on behalf of our customers has reduced our carbon footprint by 90%.

Over the last ten years, our amazing team have fundraised on behalf of numerous charities, local schools and clubs including providing free books to local Deis schools and giving local children the opportunity to holiday in the Gaeltacht. Our strong belief in Progress through Partnership has made FreightSpeed the leading pharmaceutical transport company in Ireland.

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