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FreightSpeed’s team are renowned within the Pharmaceutical Industry for their expertise in the transportation of medical products. Our team has assisted numerous top-tier pharmaceutical companies with their transport solutions.

United Drug: FreightSpeed has been working with United Drug PLC for 25 years and this speaks volumes to have retained a partnership to be the transport provider for one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesale distribution companies in Ireland for this length of time. We deliver within a 15-minute window to pharmacies across Ireland twice daily. We deliver over 17,000 consignments of time-critical pharmaceutical products every single day. FreightSpeed Transport is subject to external annual audits conducted to the standards of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) through United Drug and other customers.

HSE: FreightSpeed has been the transport arm of the HSE since 2011 and we operate from the HSE’s National Distribution Centre (NDC) in Tullamore. From where we distribute daily to hospitals throughout the country. Every morning 40 of our articulated and rigid trucks load and depart on their set route to ensure all hospitals are fully stocked with medication and medical supplies all the way from consumables to medicines. The majority of our deliveries are time-sensitive and in some cases time-critical given the nature of where and what we are delivering, hence we operate to a very strict schedule.

Each one of our partnerships is unique in some way but built on the core competencies, processes and technology of FreightSpeed. Every client has different operating, product, technology and reporting requirements and these are incorporated into the operating plans of every client. The consistent themes across all of these partnerships is high standards and transparency.
FreightSpeed has built its success on the sensible use of best-of-breed technologies over many years, whether it is the transparency and access we give our customers through our Partner Portals or the management of our daily operation via telematics technology and everything in between. Our core technology offering enables us to manage our customers’ stock in our own warehouses; live tracking and tracing of all shipments to delivery including photos; minute-by-minute temperature control and management in our warehouses and vehicles; full customer access to data; customised reporting; vehicle safety and driver behaviour and much more. We also blend this with extensive experience in managing our customer’s operations using their technology successfully to their operational procedures and requirements. This often involves using our customers’ hardware such as scanning devices or an integration with their system to automate formerly manual tasks and fit in with their workflows. This combination of a strong portfolio of FreightSpeed technology with experience of utilising the technology of our pharmaceutical sector customers gives us a unique advantage.

“FreightSpeed Transport have been our third-party transport
provider over the last twenty-five years, delivering on behalf of
United Drug to hospitals and pharmacies twice daily. We are very
happy with the service we receive from FreightSpeed Transport.”

United Drug (Wholesale)

Other Services

Our state-of-the-art warehousing accommodates 10,000 pallet spaces and additionally we have recently added a 20,000 sq ft temperature-controlled facility to our operation.
FreightSpeed provide a fully GDP compliant smart logistics solution to our customers, a core competency to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical supply chains.